Any Tips For Chocolate Chess Pie??


Aug 10, 2012
I want to make this for Xmas since couldn't get hold of pecans for pecan pie....
But there's no edible cocoa powder (just dregs mixed with carob and rat droppings) at any dietetica in my neighbourhood and don't have time to travel far.

Has anyone ever made it with melted dark chocolate instead? I plan to substitute the evaporated milk with powdered milk mix unless my boliviana has some leche Gloria (20 pesos a pop).

Thanks in advance and happy holidays to all!
I have not made it with melted chocolate but I would think it is a good alternative.I would reduce the butter in the recipe though. As far as evap. milk is concerned the closest equivalent is normal milk with extra milk powder stirred in. Good luck!
if you need evaporated milk just put 2/3 ltr of milk in a sauce pot and simmer it gently(don't let it boil) for about 30 minutes till it is reduced by half......what do you think evaporated milk is? E V A P O R A T E D