Anybody know a good dentist?


Jun 24, 2005
I guess I would like one who can speak English since I am afraid that my Spanish is not adequate enough to communicate should there be any problems! Many thanks.
Yes, Im looking for a dentist too. Just a normal, trustworthy dentist for a check-up ect. I live in the city, downtown. Id hate just to point at the Yellow Pages and pick one that way. Its much better if someone says they are good and tells you what the price is. not important to me if they speak English or not.
The BAIN International Newcomers site has a great list of every type of service you may need -- just google them, and I think you need a name and password to get access to the site, but you can email their contact person and they will provide it to you (I can't remember it offhand or I'd just give it to you!)
Buenos Aires International Newcomers or BAIN International -- they are a Yahoo! group
I am insured by Omint and have been very happy with the service. I am not sure if you can be treated at their clinic on Calle Ayacucho if you are not a "socio" , however you can ask. You should be able to get the number by going to the OMINT website.
Hi to all!
Some days ago, U asked for dentists complying with US high standards.
Well, I will recommend my personal dentist that is graduated in one of the most important Latinamerican Universities: The UBA ( She hv a large experience on this activity , and I shure you will have a full-satisfaction professional service.
I grant it!
Name: Margarita A. Puelles
Profession/title/diploma: Odontóloga (odontologist/dentist)
National Matriculation Id #: 15817
State Matriculation Id #: 21944
Address: Basavilbaso 848 (B1872BFH) Avellaneda - Province of Buenos Aires (Av. Mitre 2500 or Av. Belgrano 2500, then about eight blocks to the right - ten minutes from downtown)
Telephone #: 4204-3181
E-mail address: [email protected]
I hope to see you soon!
Just want to let you know that if you have struggled to find a good dentist in Buenos Aires then do contact Dr Jose Banz, he has just finished a complete overhaul of my mouth and I am extremely impressed with the quality of his work and his prices. I have lived here over 10 years now and he is the best dentist I have found, a perfectionist. I wouldn´t hesitate to recommend him for veneers, crowns and fillings, all of which he has performed on me in the last 6 months.

His email address is

[email protected]

He is on Callao and Arenales.

Kind regards
Mike J Callaghan