Anybody know where I can go skydiving? (first-timer)


I've never been skydiving before, but I really want to try it. Is there a good (safe) place to go around here that will understand the fears of a first-timer?



I thought I already replied to this, but, from experience, I like these guys located at:
Public Aerodrome Gomez - Route 2 Km 65 - La PLata - Buenos Aires - Argentina
Tel: (011) 15 5249-9282 / Exterior: (+ 54 11 9) 5249-9282 Nextel: 54*397*4058.
The place is called the fly ranch.

There are two outfits, one that specializes in hang gliding (my favorite) and one skydiving. When you call mention you specifically want the info on skydiving, which they do as tandem also.

I go there whenever the winds allow, and they are a great group of pple, and are serious about safety.


Hey Messi if you haven't gone yet, I'd totally be up for going with you! I've never gone either but am dying to try it!