Anybody want a cat?


May 18, 2009
I found a cat outside the bar last night and because I was slightly drunk I decided it would be a good idea to take it home.

The cat is very friendly, all black, male, and is still a kitten. He's sleeping on my lap right now. He likes to purr. He needs a good home and I can't really provide one.

I am tempting my roommate with this adorable kitten. She has been wanting a cat but has some concerns. We'd both like some more information on what owning a cat in Buenos Aires entails... how are veterinary fees? Obviously we'd want to get him/her fixed and vaccinated or whatever new kittens need. And, what are food costs like?

Finally, Dustin, does the cat seem to be mangy or have fleas? And could we meet him/her before deciding??
p.s. I know you say 'male' but isn't it really hard to tell with cats, especially kittens?
Yes. Absolutely you can meet him. He has short hair and isn't mangy at all and I don't think there are any flees. I just cleaned out a very small amount of guck in his ears, but its impossible to tell if he ear mites without putting that under a microscope. But other than being very tiny, he seems very healthy.

I'd guess that he's between 12-16 weeks old.

As far as the costs go, I don't know. But I can start you off with a bag of food, a litter box, and some litter.....

I live in Recoleta near Puerredon & Santa Fe (Azcuenaga & Arenales to be exact). Any time including right now is fine to come and meet him if you wanted. Send me a text if you want as I'm not sure how much I'll be checking this thread, 11 6420 0254.

He is very affectionate and is actually in my lap right now, and I would love to keep him but I just can't

And yeah, I'm decently sure he's a male......
So? How did the meeting go? Did you fall in love with the kitten??? ;D
Cat has a home. They came and liked him (he's really impossible not to like) But it also worked out that he had just woken up after sleeping the entire day, and was full of energy and being a really cute and playful kitten.

They couldn't take him right away but were here to get him about 45 minutes ago....

So I'm really glad this all worked out. Amazing really.
So we met him, loved him, and have adopted the kitten. We'll take him to the vet on Wednesday, find out how old he is and if he's ready to have his balls snipped off, get him de-wormed and vaccinated and all that good stuff.

We've decided to name him either Fernet or Trago Nacional after Argentina's favorite drink, and call him Fernito or Tragito for short.

(p.s. I am trying to insert a picture here but am clearly technologically atrasada... hopefully it's listed as an attachment if you're interested! Side note: how do I upload an image to appear within the post itself if it's just from my desktop, not a URL?)


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