Anyone have the Paraguay embassy address?


Dec 19, 2008

We're heading off to Paraguay at the end of January (no comments from the peanut gallery, please) and are having a heck of a time getting the low-down on the Paraguay embassy.

Specifically, we need to know:

* Where the heck it is. We've found conflicting information.

* What hours it is open. Can't find this at all.

Any help or advise appreciated.



Av. Gral. Las Heras 2545
Telefono: (54 11) 4802 3826
Dias y Horarios : lunes a viernes 9 a 14 hs

Consulate in Buenos Aires:

Viamonte 1851
Teléfono/s: (+54-11) 4812 0075
Fax: (+54-11) 4814 4803

Hey Vikingo,

Many thanks. Super helpful. Do you know which one of those we would visit to get a visa for Paraguay?

Many thanks in advance,

I think that embassies give visas, if i were you i would make a phone call first. if you don`t speak spanish i can call tomorrow asking for the required papers for a tourist visa for an american.
Actually, consulates issue visas. :D

[Clarification: If there is a consulate and an embassy in the same city, the consulate will issue the visas. In Buenos Aires, for example, there is the Brazilian Embassy on Cerrito, and the Brazilian Consulate on Pellegrini. The consulate issues visas.]
Just an update for those who might find this thread. I went today to the consulate (on Viamonte). It was a bit confusing and there was a long line in the back but upon asking someone I learned that you need to go to Caja 1 (one of first windows when you enter). I was given a form to fill out, gave my passport and a photo and had to pay US$100. I kept reading that the price is US$65 and I suppose that was for a one-time entry so I asked the guy about that and he said that the price is now $100 and supposedly the visa is valid for the life of the passport. My Spanish is OK though not fluent so I could have gotten something wrong, but it seems a one-time visa is no longer an option at least in Buenos Aires. Anyway, I have to return tomorrow to pick up my passport and visa. All in all today I was at the consulate for about 30 minutes so that's not too bad at all. I expect something even shorter tomorrow.
I applied at Viamonte 6 weeks ago and was given the 1-off visa for $65, and I'm fairly sure your spanish would be better than mine! Hell of a long line, but as you say there's a separate window for gringo tourists.

In the end I was able to enter Paraguay with no checks whatsoever (Cuidad del Este, caught bus from Puerto Iguazu) so I still have the entry visa.
Normally, at Ciudad del Este , they will only stamp your passport if you request them to do so.
This is for all nationalities.
If you intend to enter via the land border and leave at the airport for example, you must ensure that you get your passport stamped as if you try and leave without an entry stamp, you get a load of hassle and a fine.