anyone interested in theatre "off corrientes" (en español)


Nov 21, 2008
Hi, I plan to go to see a play from "Off Corrientes" and if possible set up a small group of people interested in seing alternative production
My plan is to go to El Camarin de la Musas, in Abasto, on Sat night ( a wonderful unprtentious place, theatre-bar cafe- restaurant), where those "who know about culture" hang out there...en español
(Don t lose your energy attending after office ;))
I'm interested but won't be back before next month at earliest. Would you be so kind as to let us know how you find the Camarín?
I'd love to go! My Spanish is passable, but I need to practice, and it would be great to see some theater.

This saturday from what time???

I may arrive a little later I have something but Will PM you for details-

Thank you!!!!
Give me the details, I'll be there with my girlfriend. Just what I need.

Private message me.

Cheers, RR
Hola alternative theatre buffs!,

The play which was chosen is “El desarrollo de la civilización venidera” based on Ibsen’s House of Dolls. This Saturday at 11:30 pm It is staged byDaniel Veronese
(((Programador del festival internacional de teatro de Buenos Aires de 1999 a 2003. Daniel Veronese empezó como marionetista. Fundador, en 1989, del grupo El Periférico de Objetos. Programado en prestigiosos festivales en Europa.)))

Cost of the ticket: 50 pesos
It might be possible to get cheap tickets, checking at
Unica Cartelera
or Cartelera Lavalle (Discounted tickets) or if you are a student

For more info on the play go to
El Camarin de las Musas is a wonderful multipurpose space in Abasto: Mario Bravo 960.

A few friends and I, will be there by 10.00 to have a drink and an informal chat in English/Spanish/Spanglish.
[FONT=&quot]Please if you want to join, come early, because bar-resto-theatre fills up quickly , you are welcome to call me if want want to join the group. Send a PM