anyone know a nice spa for women in BA???


Nov 4, 2009
I am thinking of giving my girlfriend a day at a spa... you know massage facial nails etc....
does anyone know a good nice place in the cap fed area???
It doesnt have to be crazy expensive or anything but I want it to be clean good quality and a classy very nice fun experience......
any ladies on here ever done a spa day here in Buenos Aires????
I am a man..I know nothing about this stuff... please help me!!! thanks!!!:)
I went to Home Hotel Spa in Palermo Hollywood and had an amazing full body massage. Its really relaxed environment, clean and modern, friendly, and luxurious however i haven't had a spa day, but its worth a look at the site.
I second the Home Hotel Spa - a really nice place and very good staff.
Hey ArgSteve,

I am a Massage Therapist that has been practicing here in BA for the past 2 years. I do not run a spa, but I do have a studio for massage, and I also make house calls which can be a wonderfully luxurious experience. Please contact me for any more information.
I've heard good things about the SPA at the PARK HYATT (Palacio Duhua) on Alvear b/n Rodriguez Peña & Montevideo.

Difference travel agencies that I've worked with highly recommend it.
Great! I have also been looking for a spa! Will definitely have a look at all the options mentioned above!
Oh how i wish I could have a spa day...but oh so expensive for my Argentine wages!
Essencia Spa on Piedras half a block from Independencia in San telmo is good (I think that may be far from where you live ..don't know)'s not luxurious per se, but it's really nice inside, immaculately clean and an excellent massage therapist and esthetician for manicures/pedicures, plus prices are really reasonable (25 for a manicure, 85 a 1 hour massage, etc)