Anyone know of a Spanish class at night?


Jan 6, 2010
Helllllo Fellow expats!
I am a working woman here in BA. I would really like to continue studying Castellano, but I can't seem to find any classes held after 6pm. I would like to start immediately. Suggestions?
No. I tried private tutoring. I learn better in a class setting. Less pressure. Thank you though.
Katie - I am working on trying to get more Spanish classes set up that fit into the schedules of working expats. So far, I have seen a lot of interest for afternoon classes, but we are very flexible to start evening classes as well if more people are interested. I agree that it is helpful to be in a group setting rather than private to have more chances to communicate.

Are there any other people out there interested in evening classes?
Last term (January) UBA had a couple of evening classes (only certain levels) due to high interest. Not sure if it was a one off, but it's worth asking.
Liz (Miles' gf)
Hola a todos,
We have afternoon classes. Our school is in Palermo. We teach groups of up to 5 students, and with flexible schedules. Just contact me if you're interested.
My housemate is a spanish teacher and takes groups in the evening at his place or wherever...

If you are gathering a group drop him a mail and im sure he ll help, [email protected]