Anyone know where some basketball pickup games are?

me and friends are looking as far as we know there is no outdoor's court in palermo, and instead of running pickup games you have to book indoor courts for about 120 pesos an hour. we're currently trying to gather 8-10 people to organise a session, you wanna join?
I have some Argentine and Spanish (+ other assorted nationalities!) friends that play Basketball here, they usually get together one night per week in the evenings.

I am not sure if they have started up again yet since so many people are just getting back from vacation but it´s worth a shot.

Send me a PM and I will give you their contact details.
Oh, and I know there is an outdoor court in Palermo area because that´s where they used to play last year ! Suerte!
Let me know too. Am itching to play again.

I know there is an outdoor court on the border of Colegiales/Palermo. Will try and find the exact address.
yeah would be great to know the locations of the outdoor courts, i'm dying to play
I'd pay to play on an indoor court if anyone else is needed, especially on a weekday.
Right now I just play on Saturdays outdoors on a court in Barracas. Actually found out about it on this forum.
The court in Colegiales (Parque Deportivo Colegiales) is at the 100 block of Freire. You can see it on the map, between Matienzo and Concepción Arenal. My boyfriend says that Saturday afternoons they have pickup games, around 2:30 pm or later.

For those who dare to venture out and can actually play ball, there are also games Saturday afternoons in Parque Chacabuco (you can take the E line there or the bus). The park is on Av. Curapaligüe between Asamblea and Eva Perón. The entrance might be on Emilio Mitre, but we are not completely sure. The guys are not as ¨civilized¨ as the folks at the Colegiales court, according to my boyfriend (think White Men Can´t Jump). Sounds more fun than Colegiales to me.

These are both outdoor courts.

Hope that helps.
Hey, I know that the megatlon in Villa Crespo and Villa Devoto both have indoor basketball courts with classes Wednsday nights. Also in Devoto theres a park with courts, Ave Mosconi and one block from Ave San Martin.