anyone rented an apartment from


Sep 16, 2007
Hi, I'm looking at apartments to rent for my friends when they come to town over thanksgiving. This website seems to have some decent places, located right near my house (which is important to us) and we picked out a few that we're interested in. I asked if I could come see one or two apartments in person, before committing to one, but they said I can't see any until October, they're all occupied and not available for showing at the moment.

this is the website:

does anyone else have experience with them? Positive or negative? I'd like to just get it over with and reserve one of these places but... I would prefer to either see them in person or at least get some personal recommendation that these guys are not charlatans.

If anybody else has rented from them before, please let me know!
I've never heard of them, and I've dealt with a lot of agencies for visiting friends. The two agencies I can highly recommend are, which is small and has great service by the owner, and, which is the best of the big agencies, with really great apartments all over the city.

Good luck. If you use bairesinn, please report on your experience - quality of apartment and furnishings, agency service, any glitches, etc.
Thanks for your reply Jim (and the others who've sent me private messages!) so far it seems nobody has ever rented from ... I am definitely open to other options so I'll be specific about exactly what I'm looking for:

-Palermo Hollywood location, must be within a few blocks of Ravignani y Cabrera.
-vacation rental available Nov 21st - Nov 28th, studio or 1BR is fine
-hoping to spend around US$300 per week but willing to go higher if the place is awesome (and has a pool)
-I would like to come see the apartment in person before I pay the deposit.

if anybody has places to suggest I'm all ears!
We went through to rent our apartment here. We did it all online and they were really helpful and great tho when we got here, the place wasn´t all that we thought it would be...but, if you can go see it that´s a big plus. They have low-budget and last-minute apartment rental categories broken down by neighborhood. Everyone we´ve worked with through there has been really great. I´d recommend.
I have just rented 2 apartments for friends who are arriving today, and talk about an ordeal.

First thing i learned is they lie here, eg: told an apartment was in palermo, when infact in abasto. Told one was in recoleta when infact in barrio norte. Told there was a king bed, when infact was only double.. the list goes on.. I said to one of the woman "you are just wasting my time and yours by not telling me the truth", and she just laughed..

So see the apartment before you rent. And the agencies are as bad as the private people with telling lies.

If on a busy street, go during day and check noise level. Some apartments you couldnt hear the traffic, while other, when windows/doors closed still sounded as if the all windows and doors were open.

Also not much is renting at the moment, so ask for a discount, you should get at least 10 to 20% off asking price for a week in good area's and even more in not so touristy areas... My own studio in palermo went down from US$550 to US$400 per month, but i have rented for 2 months.

Hope above is some help.
DavonZ: lying?! that is just business as usual in any big City broker world. They think of it as "selling" not lying (which is a very ugly word).

I used Apts.BA and they were great with a killer apartment but pricey apartment for short term.
thanks for all the helpful replies! I think I might have something decent lined up now (fingers crossed) but it's not for certain yet - if I go back to searching again, I will check out all of these suggestions.
mil gracias!
I just want to follow up on this thread - I did end up renting an apartment through Magali at It was a positive experience, everything worked out fine and I was pleased with the apartment and the service.

Magali was nice but most of all I was impressed with the owner of the apartment who was really helpful, thoughtful and eager to please. The apartment was very new, everything in good condition, there was a small hitch with the internet service but the owner went out of her way to get it taken care of asap. I'm really happy to report a good experience all around!