Anyone running the BA marathon next week?


Sep 2, 2009
So after MUCH scrambling around to get registered for the marathon (you have to get "police persmission" as a foreigner to run - WTF?) I finally got that accomplished. Now I am thinking that getting my packet might be somewhat of an ordeal, since I did NOT in fact secure police persmission and just basically begged the guy working the registration to let me run anyway. I have read and heard that the EXPO is very poorly organized and quite chaotic. Would anyone like to go together to this thing? I a thinking strength in numbers might be a good call, two heads are better than one, so on and so forth. This is my first marathon and I am SUPER excited!!! :) If you would like to tag-team it, please let me know. Gracias!
I am running the marathon with two other people. It is my first as well, but not the first for the other two. We registered online- no problems- very easy. I have not heard of the police permission before. I ran the reebok 10k not too long ago- and it was not super organized- but also not hard to navigate around either. I got my packet within ten minutes and walked out. However, the one thing I have learned about Argentina is that nothing ever goes the way I expect it too. So.... We will see how it goes.
Hey There,

When is the Marathon? Is it actually 26 miles? I have never run a marathon, the most I have ever run at once is about 13 miles....I would be interested in running though....let me know, I would need to sign up.
Silvi said:
Hey There,

When is the Marathon? Is it actually 26 miles? I have never run a marathon, the most I have ever run at once is about 13 miles....I would be interested in running though....let me know, I would need to sign up.

So funny :D
Hiya - I'm doing the marathon, and am super excited as well! First time, s a bit daunting. What sort of times are people looking at??
By the way - what's this about the police check??? I registered online and wasn't asked for anything like that! Would be good to know if it really is required.
I don't was the strangest thing and caused me a great amount of stress and running around for virtually no reason. But live and learn, huh? I am hoping it won't be an issue for the EXPO. Smcali, if you would like to go to the EXPO together, I would love a partner in crime! :) I live in Recoleta, so just message me if interested. I think I will be super slow running this, as it's my first one and I don't really care about time. I am thinking around 4 1/2 hours?
I wanted to do the half-marathon until I found out that I had to pay $25 USD more than Argentines....because I'm not Argentine.

How ridiculous is that? So, I'm doing my own half-marathon on Wednesday... for free. :)
This is a sort of interesting and unknown fact about the Argentine constitution: it's actually illegal to charge non-Argentineans more, for anything. This includes entrances to national parks (which they do anyway but if you bust out with 'cobrarme mas es contra la constitucion de Argentina' they usually let you in for the national price) and, I'm assuming, the marathon.

According to the constitution, in both the preamble and article 16, 'todos los habitantes del mundo somos iguales' (paraphrase) so for them to charge you more is saying that you are not, in fact, equal. This is also apparently why they were unable to enact the reciprocity visa fee last December when rumors were circulating about it.

Just FYI!
Just for the record - If you have an overseas address and enter a Marathon in the US, you pay more - In some cases A LOT more.... And no, its not postage, as you enter on line, and you collect everything at the Expo, so no difference there, the Yanks rip people off as well!

Back to the running.... Best of luck to everyone who has trained well and is looking forward to the race, wish I was there with you. As for anyone thinking of just turning up and running, without training, but with bravado - do yourself a favour - DON'T.... Train and run shorter distances, and maybe in a year or so, you will be able for a marathon.
Very true what Liam says about the training... 42k is no joke!

Katie - sounds good about the expo. I was planning on going with a fellow marathon-running friend on Saturday, but actually wouldn't mind going on Friday just in case there are any issues (such as this police malarky!). In fact, I'll probably end up going both days, as I've already said to my mate I'd go on Sat. So if you fancy going on either of those days I'll be happy to accompany you.

And yeah, Bradly - I was a bit peeved as well with the extra cost, but hey - you get a t-shirt!