Anyone seen gluten-free bread or broth?

Due to the dietary restrictions of a friend I am going to make a gluten-free Thanksgiving this year. I have seen various gluten-free products in the dieteticas such as alternate flours and even a bread mix but I was wondering if anyone has seen gluten-free bread or broth cubes (knorr ones have gluten...) anywhere?

Those are the two things I haven't found that I would really like. I know I can make them from scratch and will if I have to but it's just more work for an already busy day!
Pretty sure I have seen regular white bread "gluten free". One of the National brands Fango. I will double check next trip to the store. Also there is a Gluten free bakery (I was told its a chain of like 2 or 3) on Thames btwn Honduras and El Salvador, but it looks like mostly desserts, but hey, at Thanksgiving who does not need dessert. Sorry I don't remember the name.
celigourmet does some nice mini baguettes, they don't keep long though.

You can usually pick up decent gluten free stuff in dieticas - but the quality varies. Some of the gluten-free bread is basically compacted dust, and the moment you bite into a slice it turns into floury powder. Not nice. Delfina is a good brand for tasty gluten free bread, usually costs around 12 pesos for mini pre-sliced loaf.
Yeah the bakery was thinking of was Celigourmet. Also, I as in Barrio Chino and this place Casa China (kind of a supermarket) had gluten free noodles and pastas.


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Some of the dietéticas carry broth (caldo) and instant soups by the brand "Bon Wert." They come in envelopes instead of cubes. It is currently the only gluten-free broth on the market. Dietética Viamonte downtown has a good selection of products for celiacs.

Celigourmet has a four locations and they are primarily a celiac bakery but they also sell other packaged products like potato chips, bread crumbs, etc.

There is a Yahoo Group called "Celiaquía" (actually a misnomer for the name of the disease but who´s counting), and also an organization called ACA if you need more info about how things are classified as gluten free here in Argentina. There is a new labelling law---which I helped lobby for---that has not yet come into effect...

Here gluten free is "sin TACC" (trigo, avena, centeno, cebada) o "apto para celíacos."

If you need more info, feel free to ask...
I used to shop at New Garden - it was close to where I lived - they had a refrigerated white sandwich bread from Tante Gretty that was good - you have to toast it, though. And, I'd go to Dietetica Viamonte to stock up on stuff - they have pizzas, ravioli and if you go, get your friend some orange "madelines" - they are in a plastic bag and are just orange flavored muffins - but thay are probably one of the best gluten free pastries I've had. BA actually has good gluten free food.
Any good suggestions for gluten free restaurants? :) I'm thinking in Palermo and Recoleta. Places relatively close to la facultad de derecho.

In a perfect world, there would be gluten free pizzerias, gluten free medialunas, and gluten free empanadas... just saying (as I drool)