anyone taking a spanish intensive at CUI next month?


Mar 12, 2011
Hello expats, I decided to finally take that one month intensive course to improve my decent but still much lacking castellano. I signed up for a course with CUI, did all the paperwork and paid for it, and haven't been able to get a response from either of the two people I did the paperwork with (over email) about the hour for the prueba de nivel scheduled for this Monday, March 5.

Totally my bad for not following up with a phone call this week, but for some reason I still live in a fantasy land that assumes people will do their jobs and answer a simple email. It really didn't occur to me that I wouldn't get an answer before the actual day of the test. Yup, I'm an idiot.

Anyway, does anyone know what time they hold the prueba de nivel? I'm assuming it's at 1 PM since that's when it was last month, but the website doesn't say and there was no one left in the office yesterday afternoon when I finally called.
If I am not mistaken, the test to assess your level runs all day long (something like 9am-5pm). Basically, you drop by, they give you a very short test, they grade it, they ask you a few questions and you are good to go.
expatinowncountry is right, they will just give you a short verbal test to assess your level. You show up to the same area you signed up (3rd floor) and wait around until a teacher shows up and tells you which classroom to go to. If you are level one, you will probably have Malena and Marcela. They are both excellent.
The one problem I had with CUI is a) they are part of UBA so basically the institution doesn't really support it's students and b) the intensive Spanish classes are US$500 however Portugese, French, Chinese, Korean and German are all half the price and you can pay in cuotas, Spanish you cannot. There is a cultural center which is part of UBA but you can take introduction to Spanish classes there as well, not as intensive but less expensive.
Suerte y disfruta!!