Anyone up for Going to Uruguay tomorrow?


So, my three months are up on Wednesday. It's been an interesting 90 Days to say the least... mostly good. But I do need to take a day trip to Uruguay tomorrow. While I am fine going by myself, I thought a travel companion might be a nice touch also.

Hit me up on my cell. 15.4972.1147, or at

Cheers- Robert


Robert, You may already know this: as it's your first 90 days, you don't have to go to Uruguay. You can get another 90 days from the perrogas de permanencia sector at the office of migraciones on Av Antardida. If it's raining tomorrow it might be more desirable, though it will cost $300 pesos.


How much does it cost?
I don't need to go, but as I've never done it before I might go just for the craic.