Apartment Advice Needed


Sep 9, 2009
Hello All

I have a big problem with the apartment that I bought 3 years ago which I wonder if anyone can help me with by pointing me in the right direction.

There is a second bedroom built on my terrace which has been there for well over 20 years. My understanding is that administrator at the time gave the previous owner permission, although I'm not sure if that permission still exists in writing.

The current administrator has sent me a certified letter ordering me to remove the bedroom on the terrace within 45 days as it's not authorised. This is because recently some work needed to be done to the building, and the other residents wanted workmen to hang off the balcony - going through and having access to my apartment - as it would be cheaper than putting up scaffolding. I refused to allow access (as was within my rights), as did the other top floor apartment owners. As a result of this refusal some other residents on the lower floors (who objected to paying more by having scaffolding) demanded that the administrator take action against unauthorised constructions on the top floor.

The letter claims that if the construction is not removed within 45 days they will go to justice and force it to be removed.

Any advice gratefully received

Many thanks