Apartment In Recoleta


Hi all!

Many of you must already know me for my website www.batravelguide.com , which is featured on the Daily URL section.

I´m helping a British couple to sell an apartment they own in Buenos Aires. I hope I´m not breaking any rules by posting this here, but since they are not very much familiar with this website and they are currently living in England they´ve asked me to post this on their behalf.

They have purchased this apartment new in 2009 to use it during their visits to Buenos Aires, but for a number of reasons they were only able to use it for a few weeks in the last couple of years, so they have decided to sell it since they don´t have the chance to use it enough. It is a beautiful loft apartment in a new building, with 1 bedroom and 2 full bathrooms and double height ceilings.

You will find all the information, descriptions and photos on this link:


For any inquires you can PM me here or through the contact details on the website.