Apartment Pricing Question


Sep 15, 2008
Hi All,

This is my first post here and I am moving to BA with a friend in late October. I've been looking around and am trying to gauge pricing on apartments. If anyone can help, what on average would we expect to pay for a 2 bedroom, furnished with Internet in Palermo and/or Recoleta area. Something nice but not overly extravagant. If anyone could help I would really appreciate it.


That is for short term rental, if you stay more than 2 years the price gets a lot cheaper.
I think you would have a hard time finding a furnished, 2 BR in Palermo or Recoleta for under $1200 a month. Most of the ones I'm looking at in those areas have been $1200 & up and most are in the $1800 range.

You are in high season, in the most popular tourist areas. If you're looking short-term, expect to pay a premium.
Thanks for the help, we are only renting for 1 month so I know we will be paying a premium. Most likely we will try to deal with the apartment once there rather than through the agencies. If anyone has any apartments they are looking to rent for Nov that fit into this criteria feel free to message me. Thanks!
My freind was renting in Palermo a studio appartment, very nice with large living area separate kithcen and large patio area for I think 600 euros a month. They are leaving early november.
I realise this may not suit but it may give you an idea, and if you are interested I can enquire if it will be available
Thanks Bob, but we need a 2 bedroom so don't think this will suit. Thanks anyways.