Apartment rental....is this normal?


I would never lock myself into an apt. for 6 months, sight-unseen (especially since it involves carrying a huge wad of cash on your person.) As others said, book it for a few weeks or a month, then decide whether you'd like to extend it. If it's no longer available for that timeframe, it's really no big deal -- there are a thousand and one other places to choose from.


Before buying our condo in Recoleta, my partner and I used BAHabitat on a regular basis. They have a Citi bank account, so we were able to deposit the 20% directly into their account out of Florida, prior to leaving. And yes, we came with the remaining amount, in cash. If you know anyone in BsAs, you may want to see if they know of anyone renting. I know a few of the owners of the apartments where we rented were actually fine with us going directly to them (circumventing BA Habitat, and at a lower fee) for future visits.



We use Reynolds Properties. They allow a deposit of 10% by visa, which is non refundable, but a lot safer than handing over money to someone you don't know. Remember the first rule of Western Union - never send money to someone you don't know. We still have to pay the similar damage deposit.

We wanted to rent for six months, but were not prepared to pay up front, so only rented it for two months at a time. One difference is that we stayed at the place for 4 months last year so it was like coming home.

I find the other difference is if the owner is Argentine or a foreigner. Because the NZ owners of our apartment can't do anything, Reynolds takes care of things, while other people renting from them have to deal with local landlords for any problems and then the response is mixed - from excellent to poor. , Some of it is the luck of the draw. Still, all the people at Reynolds speak English and do have an attitude of wanting to help.


I rented tourist rentals for the first 6 months I was here and also the year before for a month. It does seem normal that, basically, they will not guarantee to hold the apartment for any period that is unpaid - unless you can negotiate in person. I agree that you shouldn't pay in advance for an apartment you haven't seen - there are some really dodgy ones that have not been maintained or where things like the hot water does not work properly etc. I've had great owners and good apartments, but you just don't know. So, perhaps book it for one month and then see if you can extend if you like it or shop around for something else while you are here?


Never pay such an amount of money to any real estate agent there, especially when it gives you nothing. Follow the advise of the member who suggested to get a cel, rent an apartment for two weeks and check out the rentals for argentines who would be happy to get much less and give much more for it.


Please there are other agencies that do not require such amount of money to transfer.

I tried buenosairespeople and it was Ok.



We have had excellent experience with both BA Habitat and Reynolds. They are both established and dependable Agencies who are responsive to problems needing attention, if any.

However, for such a long rental, I would follow the good advice above, in this thread.

And always, always have a 'plan B' in case a rental does not suit when you see it.