Apostilizing The Fbi Background


Good afternoon eveyone
I am working on getting my permanate residency and I have some questions about getting the Apostile for the FBI background.
At the US Embasy here in Agrentina they sent me here
but the problem is that here they say that I should send the document with a pre paid self addressed envalope to thier address. But Im wondering if that will work because I am in Argentina, not the US and I don´t know. Basically are the stamps here worth anything in the US or not?
Also, here they say that I have to send them a check or money order but its not possible to get money outside of the country, so how could I do that?

Thank you


Read http://baexpats.org/topic/28231-please-help-im-struggling-with-residency-process/page__st__10

A personal check must accompany the request to the Dept of State for the apostille on the FBI records request. Get someone in the USA to receive the records request on your behalf and then return it with a personal check for payment.

Crema Americana

Having someone in the US to help you with the process would make life a lot easier for you... no friends or family that could send a few letters back and forth?

Personally I don't like the idea of having the FBI report being sent internationally before getting the apostille - takes forever to get and you don't want it to get lost. I'm sure some people have done it, but I don't trust the post that much.