Apple Repair? (and DON'T say MacStation)

Jerry Nelson

Sep 7, 2019
Anyone know of a DECENT place to fix a (software) problem on an 8-month-old Apple Mac Pro? DON'T mention Mac Station. Been there. Done that. And got nothing but a run-around.

[email protected]

He replaced my macbook battery a year ago.
Did you do a careful search of the forums? This topic has come up before, and I seem to recall some people offering enthusiastic endorsements of certain options...
There was a much recommended place in Colegiales - can't recall the name now. Maybe someone else does?
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He replaced my macbook battery a year ago.
Excellent referral. Thanks for the help!
Does anybody have any recent information regarding this subject???. I need to have some work done on my MacBookPro.
I went to this place on Cordoba Street today. The business card says…” Authorized Service Provider“ next to the apple logo. Anybody have any experience working with them?…They quoted me a $347.300 pesos ($425 U$D) for the repair.


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Out of curiosity, what was wrong with MacStation? I was thinking of having a repair done there because they are Apple certified, but ultimately I had the repair done at an Apple Store during a recent trip to the US as it ended up being a bit cheaper that way.
We used MacSoul ( Av. Sta. Fe 1780, C1060ABQ CABA) for hardware work on an iMac in the past and MacLand (Arévalo 2215, C1425 CABA) for a peripherals issue. They were very patient and helpful, and helped me figure out the issue.
MacHelp (Julián Álvarez 1210 6-C, C1414 CABA) has a lot of great reviews on Google, but I have never tried it myself.