April 1St Picnic - Cancelled

Aleina Dee

Are people around on Monday for a picnic ?
The place is the same as the cancelled one last Sun (Plaza Sicilia),
the time is the same 1pm,
the idea is the same that this is a friendly get together where you bring along good mood, good food and leave any commercial interests at home ( if you had any in the first place).

Please advise if you are coming. I would not like to sit in the park on the off chance that someone may turn up. I think if we get 10 people together , more even better, we go for it . There will be a rain fallback plan this time.

So lets start the list : Just add on your nick or name


Aleina Dee

Argentinian girl My vote is for the pumpkin mini quiches but I will probably be the minority jaja.

Aleina SM
Lela M
Delphine SM
Frenchie SM
Argentinian girl