Are Argentine women and men amongst the worlds most beautiful?

Can't say I've taken any notice of the men. Many of the women are flat out gorgeous, especially when in their summer dresses. I have been stopped cold on the sidewalk a few times when young women of extraordinary beauty walked past ... and nicely, they seemed not to know it.

But no, having been around the world a couple of times, I will not hesitate to say that on average the most beautiful young women in the world are Slavs, mainly Czechs, Slovaks, and Russians. The cutoff age for this beauty seems to be about 40.
So much depends upon one's personal aesthetic. I suppose that, were I to discern in the aggregate and for myself alone, I might think -- no, better, that I might feel, for it's not an intellectual determination -- that women of my own ethnic background are most pleasing in physical appearance. That background's not Argentine, but, hey, who's to disregard beauty anywhere?
I'm not a man so take my opinion for what it's worth. There are some beautiful men and women here for sure but I think a lot of people don't age particularly well here, not enough sunscreen, too much smoking, etc. I think by the time they are in their 30s, they start to look much older than they are.
Personally I think some of the young women in the Chinese supermarkets here are more beautiful...
In my eyes the most beautiful woman of the world must include Persian( Iranian) Vietnamese, Lebanese and Ethiopian woman.
Having lived in Ethiopia, P-E, I certainly could agree with you there. Somalia, too, has some beautiful women in addition to disorder and death.
Ahh! all young women are beautiful, and while I have always appreciated this, I had to become old before they appreciate me. Now I am like an old dog: I still chase them, I just cannot remember what to to if I catch them.
I've been contemplating Argentina for some time. Clearly Argentina is #1 in the most important way as my wife is Argentine. But I've been trying to formulate a statement on "all of the others". I don't have much way to compare to a lot of places in the world (US, and visits to Canada (i.e. the US), Japan, Holland, England, and South Africa), the way that I would put it for Argentina is sort of statistical. Using my own internal 1-10 scale (i.e. *MY* opinion with all of the *MY* biases, tastes, etc.), the average is noticeably higher than anywhere else that I've been, and the standard deviation is *much* smaller, i.e. walking on the streets, I've not been 'stopped in my tracks' very often. And on the other side of the curve, I've seen very few very unattractive women.

And I completely agree with TangoBob's first sentence. As for his second one, I'm not sure that I can remember how to chase them, but I am sure that I wouldn't remember how to even catch them!
Well, i could definitly say that argentine men are gorgeous, i have seen so many beautiful men in the streets and everywhere, in the subway, in restaurants, universities. But i think it depends on our personal tastes and our backround, so we tent to feel atraction for different kind of people than our own average looks. But thats my opinion.