Are doctors offices open for appointments after 5pm here


what doctor offices have you known that work until 7, 8, 9pm?
I have, it depends on the doctor, I guess. I think some doctors who would be operating during the day take appointments in the evenings, say from 7-8 or 7-9.

I haven't found an easy way to find a "GP" or "medico de cabecera", which is a bit annoying, it seems that you go to a clinic, who will deal with any urgent stuff, then direct you to one of their specialists. At least it seems to be like that in CABA. If anyone has recommendations or ideas about how to approach this please let me know.


I had exactly the same issue for the longest time. Every time I had a niggle I had to present to Emergencia at the clinic of my health insurer, which was usually overkill, so to speak. I couldn't work out how to find what at home we would call and think of as our GP (general practitioner)--your regular go-to person for non-urgent matters, who follows your history, approves routines examinations, and refers you on to specialists where necessary.

Eventually, I discovered that the GP-equivalent is a medico clinico. My health insurer has them physically located in the clinic itself every day (during normal business hours), or in private practice off-site, listed in the insurer's policy booklet under the medica clinica category. How to choose one (either at the clinic or in a private office offsite), I'm not sure. In my policy booklet, all the ones in private practice are listed, whereas none of those on-staff in the clinic appear on the list; the latter are kind of anonymous in that sense.

All I know is that one day not so long ago I found myself before a medica clinica at the clinic and I said I wanted a regular go-to doctor and she said she would be it. Mind you, to get an appointment with her, I have to book some weeks in advance. So when it is something short of an emergency but not able to wait too long, I guess I will still end up feeling a bit silly sitting in emergencia.


Thanks Alby for the very informative post. So Argentina strikes again... "medico clínico".

In OSDE I found a longish list under the specialization "clínica medica" which I guess would correspond to the category you mentioned. Only a few of them seem to be associated with actual clinics or hospitals, though. I'll make contact with one of them and see what I come up with :)

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In the States, a "medico clinico" is known as an internist. It is a family doctor with a fancier name and more thorough training. They take care of some things and, if needed, refer patients to other specialists. Most doctors I know see patients at least until 7:00 p.m.

Rich One

The Major Health Care providers like Alemán, Rossi , Osde , Instituto del Diagnostico, etc. Charge more because of prestige but often you get to see young Clínicos from other countries.(Cuba, Venezuela, Paraguay , etc).
I visit a small clinic in Araoz Street in Palermo one can see a doctor the same or the next week. I see the dermatologist . Also dental Service . Appointment cost $1300 pesos

If you want Beverly Hills, Cedars of Sinai standards perhaps not for you , If you can live with Public Hospital care its ok for you.