Argentina Can’t Pay $45 Billion IMF Loan Cristina says


I am stunned by this insight from Cristina. I was convined from past history, the current economy, and the regime in power that Argentina would be able to pay its bills.


At least she comes out and says it. Instead of trying to pretend like they will eventually pay.

Let's be honest... Argentina is never paying, it is an impossibility.

She is making a mockery of the IMF negotiations because she doesn't want the process to succeed. This is not honesty; it is narcissistic political opportunism.


Yet, for example, they can still afford US$300m ++ in additional subsidies for Aerolineas Argentinas this year (in addition to the US$600m++ from the year before) without making a single meaningful cutback in costs or scale.

It’s like saying you can’t afford groceries this week because you’ve gotta pay for your Gucci. The only thing standing in your way is your own purchasing decisions.