Argentina citizenship as a non-resident


Hi all

I've been lurking here for a few weeks - thanks for keeping the forum open for lurkers to view.
My question is a bit different from the various questions about how to stay legally in Argentina. I live in the UK (where I am a citizen), and am eligible for Argentine citizenship because my mother was born there. No plans to live in Argentina at the moment, but perhaps in future, in retirement, etc. I also like the idea of being able to pass on another citizenship to my son.

If I acquire Argentine citizenship, what responsibilities come with it? I know about compulsory voting - presumably I could do this by post? I also assume I would have a responsibility to let the Argentine authorities know if I change my address (so they can track me down for compulsory voting). I've read on here about the tax on global assets, so I know I'd have to be ready for that if I come to live in Argentina in future.

Do you friendly people know about anything else I should take into account? I realise this isn't really your specialist area, what with you being expats in Argentina and all, but I figured you might have some views on the matter :)


This may seem like splitting hairs but if I understand correctly your mother is already a citizen by virtue of being born there and so are you by virtue of having an Argentine parent. The question is not about obtaining but formalising it. Does / did your mother have any documents that relate to that period of her life?


Do not worry about compulsory voting here, I have not voted in almost 30 years with any problem.
In fact, the only penalty for not voting is a 100 pesos fine, except that they must be pesos ley 18188, extint now.
So you would not be able to pay the penaly even if you try.
And no you can not vote on any consulte as far as I know


Go to the AR Consulate in the Uk. You need your birth certificate apostilled and evidence that your mother is Argentine. It should take a few weeks to get the opcion de nacionalidad.
No duties. Just to vote after you are enrolled, that takes years.


If for any reason they reject your application, you can apply at a Federal Court without living in Argentina using an attorney and a power or attorney. You do not need address in Argentina.