Argentina Halts Gay Marriage


Oct 18, 2009
A judge in Argentina has overturned a ruling that would have allowed the first gay marriage in Latin America.

Judge Marta Gomez Alsina, in the capital Buenos Aires, ordered Tuesday's planned wedding of Alejandro Freyre and Jose Maria Di Bello suspended.
The court website said she had ordered the wedding blocked until the issue could be resolved by the Supreme Court.

Buenos Aires, Argentina (CNN) -- Latin America's first same-sex marriage, set to be held in Argentina on Tuesday, appeared derailed after a judge filed an injunction to stop the union until the issue can be reviewed further.

Judge Marta Gomez Alsina's ruling blocks an earlier holding by another judge that found city laws banning same-sex marriage unconstitutional, the court said in a statement.
Alex Freyre and Jose Maria di Bello had planned to make their marriage official at a civil ceremony and chose December 1 because it is World AIDS Day.
This is a very interesting case and I believe that the gay couple will prevail and win .

The Argentine society is more tolerant than this judge and will accept the rights of the individual over the antiquated views of a small minority of people against the original ruling.
BOO that is sad, It is a Short Term Victory which will be shortly lived. Equality ROCKS. Hate Sucks.......
Simple, Sweet, Short! To the Point:....

The more pressing issue is why should such an institution mediate in the union of any two individuals (and why on earth do homosexuals wish to be blessed under an institution that has shown hatred for them throughout history?).

This should solely be an issue for the two (or more) parties concerned and the legal instruments of the state.