Argentina is the most expensive place in the world to buy an ipod

Now what I wonder, is if the prices have been measured before or after the 'impuestazo' for electronical products. I mean, even before the new tax prices were already rediculous (but somewhat comparable to prices in some European countries), but now they're really taking the piss.

I think the Argentine Post had an interesting article about comparing the wage of a McJob witht the cost of a computer in the US and Argentina.
Yes its insane. It's funny because I also compare prices based on McJob wages when explaining the price difference to Argentines.
Could somebody explain to me why expats like so much little shiny things? (aka Apple)
marksoc said:
Could somebody explain to me why expats like so much little shiny things? (aka Apple)

It's easier to get robbed when sporting those things, so people have something to bitch about on this forum ;)
Since apple has sold over 220 million of em, worldwide, its hardly just expats that buy them.

I never wear mine in the street, but I sure like the convenience of being able to carry 8000 songs in my pocket. I am a part timer, back and forth from el norte, so I carry a big music library with me, and its much smaller than 800 CDs would be in my baggage.

I am an extreme music collector- I have at least 1000 vinyl albums, maybe 3000 CD's, and a bunch more on hard drives- so editing down to what can fit on an 80 gig ipod, and being able to carry it around the world is very handy for me- no way could I transport my current favorite music on anything else except a laptop. And a laptop wont plug into my car stereo, the stereos in my workshop, house, or at friends houses the way an Ipod will.

But I buy mine in the US...
Im not an expat, but i bought myself an iPod back in 2004, i used it every day while going to work and the uni, but i dropped it one to many times and it finally broke. To replace it i bought a Zune (from microsoft), mostly to change from the iPod and because it has a build in FM radio. It costed me 900 pesos back in 2007 and i still use it everyday.
These things are really a lot cheaper today, I've seen on sale in the U.S. at $50, I recently bought one on EBAY brand new for $8, 8GB with a built-in FM radio. It works fine so far, although its a no-name Chinese model, but at that price who cares.