Argentina minimum wage now lower than Bolivias


Argentina minimum wage has gone from the envy of South America at number one to now number six in South America . This is a huge drop in peoples earning power and with prices in Argentina being very high for most goods it actually better off now to find work in Uruguay, Chile, or Ecuador . Bolivia is a better choice for many as its cost of living is less than Argentina with higher wages per capita .
Ah, horse shit this is all the work of the witch the K bitch steal 60 Billion from the country! Only a fool would not understand that is what got us here. That witch and her cronies bought us here. Wake the hell up! Or carry on in delusions that is your choice.
Usp, for one moment I thought it was the over 150 billion usd in loans MM took...
60 billions, really? And where are they because everytime they investigate CFK, they find a nee off shore of MM.