Argentina pastor turns church into bar in protest at uneven coronavirus restrictions


Mar 24, 2012
An evangelical church in Argentina has reopened as a bar in protest against the lockdown on religious services that remains in place despite the gradual opening up of other activities around the country.

Bar tables were placed inside the church and pastors dressed as waiters carrying bibles on their trays in a mock service as part of call for religious services to be allowed during Argentina’s coronavirus lockdown.


I hope this trend continues and is adopted by other religious denominations, they could also serve nonalcoholic beverages and some snacks for a donations..! attendance would increase exponentially .
They did it in NYC years ago. It was called The Limelight on 6th Ave and 20th St.
I went there many many years ago. Just a couple of times, I wasn’t a regular. But It was fun while it lasted. Drinking alcohol, dancing around and listening to loud Techno & Disco music In a 19th century old building. There was something sinful about it. That’s probably why so many people went. After a while the novelty wore off and it became a major drug den.
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Alcohol is bad for the immunity, it weakens the immunity.
During the conrona virus, improving your personal Immune System is a must.