Argentina: Tierra Amor y Venganza - Cristina strikes again?


Oct 20, 2019
Get your popcorn ready for another great show to keep us entertained while we are all locked away in cuarentena.

On the latest season of Argentina: Tierra Amor y Venganza a man has been found brutally murdered in sleepy El Calafate two days after he flew there from Buenos Aires to attend to some "business" matters.

But don't worry, we are safe. His body was found today and the crime has already been solved by the local authorities. It was a crime of passion and extortion. Three young men who were involved in "relations" with this apparently "dirty old man" took him hostage, killed him, buried the corpse, but left too many clues and have already been apprehended and have confessed to their crime.

Who were these "poor" youths? The grandchildren of a former mayor and relatives of the current mayor who are part of a militant Kirchnerista group, of course, all with strong and successful local businesses.

Who was the victim anyway? Some guy from a provincial town who spent a lifetime working as a secretary and became a multi-millionaire overnight. Just so happened to have served as the Private Secretary of Cristina Kirchners and testified against her and her officials in court relating to massive corruption.

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Rich One

Jul 17, 2012
The police really solved this one quickly.

They case will be closed the case fast as a gay Crime of Passion , the Judge already volunteered to the press that a Deep emotional relationship with the suspected killer existed.. Plus extortion as a notice
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