Argentina's history of anti-semitism

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Nov 30, 2008

Did you know what happened here in 94?
Iran organized an attack on the Jewish community centre & 84 human beings were killed. It was then later revealed that Iran had paid a criminal called Menem -then President of Argentina, $10million to cover it up.

This character called Menem is also responsible for the fact that we have a Mosque here in Buenos Aires, I'm not the least happy with this fact either.

In Argentina we have a problem with our borders, anyone can come into the country without being traced & we could once again have an orchestrated Iranian backed group committing another horrendous attack.

Once a country becomes economically weak, it's very easy for external foreign powers to meddle, interfere & manipulate it remotely. All third world countries suffer from this type of intrusion once the system has been compromised, politicians are easily bought, in any country with depressed financial systems.

So I understand how you may easily make a snap judgement & automatically assume that 'Argentines must be Nazi Jew Haters" but it's a little more involved than what some vested interests would prefer you to believe. It's not so simple when you start to look deeper.

Auslander said:
Walking through Alto Palermo on this beautiful afternoon, I noticed two young boys wearing yarmulkes playing on the sidewalk. Then I noticed the sidewalk was lined with strange blue-painted boxy concrete structures. Huh? Then I noticed that the building adjoining the sidewalk had hebrew lettering. And there was a police booth on the sidewalk, too.

And all of a sudden, the whole ugly picture clicked. Here, in BsAs, the Jewish center has to be protected by anti-vehicle barriers and a 24-hour police guard. I'd seen this in Berlin and in Vienna, but I was honestly shocked to see it here.

The need for the Jewish center to be protected to such an extent says volumes about the level of anti-semitism here. And it's really sad.
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