Argentina's schools become political battleground after curbs

Yes, basically it's like "die you bloody teachers already" and if they don't, CABA will withhold the vaccine to make sure they do.
But what about the transport workers, food and grocery workers, restaurant workers, bank workers and most of all health care workers who have been dying in significant numbers for the past year to keep society open and comfortable for everyone else? Many of a whom are still awaiting their vaccines too.
Teachers are above everyone else. That's what I have learned by having many teachers in my family and friends.

However, I am not sure I want my kid in school in the current situation. It's a really tough situation with schools because on the one hand there is clear damage being done to kids missing school (both in education and emotionally). On the other hand, there's a risk a kid goes to school, gets COVID and passes the virus to his family. So, I am really torn about what is best for my boy right now, but I think it may be better for him not to be in school or going out.
Got enough teachers in the family to know the situation is serious.

I worry a lot more about the stupid parents pilling up around the school entrance. There's the real danger.
The stupid is strong with most of them.

No brains, no worries, no distance and all the time in the world.

Danger, Will Robinson!