Argentina's town advocates safer consumption of drugs

I was just talking about this with my husband last night, "normal" countries that JxC say they always want to model Argentina on have been doing this for over a decade, it's called Harm Reduction, and it acknowledges that despite the illegality of drugs, people will do them, so as a society we should mitigate the impact they have.

A reasonable person (of which Waldo Wolff is not) can obviously see the City of Morón isn't telling it's citizens to do drugs, it's saying if you're going to do them, this is how you mitigate against negative impacts.

All the pearl clutching on the right (including by the so called "Libertarians") reminds me of abstinence only sex education, as if telling teenagers about condoms will make them have sex, instead of preventing unwanted pregnancies and the spread of STIs.
Quilombo, you said it very well. "Just say no" doesn't really work, people are what they are, curious, wanting to try new things, and possibly getting into trouble. It's all about harm reduction.

If a simple pamphlet caused this uproar, injection clinics, purity testing, and so on are not going to fly here. I am amazed at the extreme conservatism of the medical establishment here.