Argentine and Syria

Excerpt from website.....Argentine DNM MIGRACIONES, Ministerio del Interior

The National Directorate of Migration (DNM), a body under the Ministry of the Interior, Public Works and Housing, reports that the "Special Humanitarian Visa Program for Foreigners Affected by the Arab Republic of Syria", called "Program Syria ", was extended by DNM Provision No. 4683/2016....

Once the procedure has been initiated by the caller or applicant, the beneficiary must appear before any Argentine consulate in the world (including the one in Damascus), to carry out the consular interview and, subsequently, if no impediment arises, obtain the visa humanitarian with which to travel to Argentina. Upon entering Argentina you will obtain your ID for 2 (two) years, renewable for one more year, after which you can access a permanent residence. During such period, the beneficiary will enjoy the same civil, social and economic rights as an Argentine citizen.
I read online in Argentine the citizenship is granted @ birth, but what about the parents and siblings(I have a son from my Ex)?
The child you are expecting will have Argentine citizenship. As parents of an Argentine child, you and your wife will be granted citizenship too. But your other son will get permanent residency only. To become a citizen, he will have to wait until he is 18 years old. I am assuming he is a minor now.
Clap...clap ..clap. Squall, camberiu, and gracielle for adressing the problem. have not seen such a great exchange of opinions in along time on this site. good luck squall and camberiu you have good insites, me, i know i can’t begin to understand the complexities of the fractions involved. Personally, dont know why the US remaims involved. humanitarian yes, russia i understand, its on their border.
It's always extremely difficult getting your head around who is fighting for what/representing who's interests etc The question is can there be peace without a regime who exterminates or removes anyone who dare challenge them? So far it seems much of the Middle East only stays 'stable' through a regime that deals with any resistence extremely strongly which is sad... I'm not sure what life is like now in Iraq as an average but would love to here from anyone who lives there. It always seems like outsiders have strong opinions and don't even live there or understand the historical context of what is happening and apply their left/right viewpoints onto every situation. Somehow I doubt that the USA removing all involvement in the middle east would bring peace which is what many propose. This is not to say they are not also part of the problem but the whole thing is very complex.
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Citizenship. Once here you apply for refugee status and get precaria (transitory green card).
When the baby is born you van apply for citizenship straight. You need to bring, if possible, birth certificate and criminal records apostilled or legalized by the AR Consulate.
The legal procedure takes betwee 7 up to 18 months.
It is for free.
However, if you need legal asistance, you can hire a lawyer.


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Hijacking a thread is not a term usually used when the OP is a spirited participant in the discussion. He was asked a question and chose to engage.

Stating that there are no real, actual alternatives preferable to Assad can indeed be seen as mean and hardhearted. It can also be seen as true. Those do not necessarily contradict, sadly.