Argentine Art Appreciation Lunch


Jul 27, 2006
As there is going to be an expat dinner next Thursday night, there won't be a "regular" expat lunch until the following week. As a number of individuals have expressed an interest in getting together to discuss Argentine art, I will host a lunch for those interested at 1PM on Tuesday, March 31st at The Grants Restaurant (1068 Riobamba). The cost (tenador libre) is $20 pesos plus drink and tips. Please RSVP on this thread or send me a PM.
If anyone has the time and desire (especially if you are coming to the lunch next Tuesday), I suggest you stop by Galeria Arroyo (Arroyo 830) between Suipacha and Esmeralda. They are an art auction house. The next auction is next Tuesday evening. For this auction they have one of the best collections of paintings I have seen for sale in one auction in the three years I have lived in BA. Included are three paintings by Fernando Fader and I think it's worth going in person just to see them. Some of Fader's best works are on display in the permanent exhibition of Argentine art on the second level of the Museo de Bellas Artes.

I believe that Fader is deemed so important by the Secretary of Culture that his name is on the list of Argentine artists who's works are prohibited from being exported from Argentina. What I find truly amazing is that artworks by the most revered painters in this country are available for sale at auction for a fraction of what works by American or European artists of equal stature would sell for on those continents.

Arroyo has auction catalogs for sale with many color photos for $5 pesos. If you do go to view the paintings I suggest you pick up a catalog. If you are also coming to the lunch, please bring the catalog with you so others can see the photos and we can talk about the art. I will bring a copy as well.

It's also possible to view the auction catalog on line at, but the photos do not do the paintings justice. The best example of this is Fader's "Paisaje" which is far more luminous in person.
steveinbsas said:
It's also possible to view the auction catalog on line at, but the photos do not do the paintings justice. The best example of this is Fader's "Paisaje" which is far more luminous in person.

Steve, there's nothing but a logo on that website. Is it the correct link?
it's funny you posted this. i was walking right past that gallery about a week ago and it honestly lured my sight. i was walking briskly and stopped abruptly to peer into this sea of color even as i was really late to meet someone. im going today just to check it out. i dont think i'll make the lunch but im glad to hear others truly believe this is something well worth ones time.
ok, now i've been to the whole arroyo street gallery area and its quite nice. 830 and the gallery across the street from that were my favorite. 830 had such large collection of quality works i would actually want to own that i was amazed. ive never been to a gallery and seen so much that i liked in one space.

go there and check it out. the pamphlet/catalogue at 830 didnt cost me anything, it was free, and it's neighbors were worth a glance as well.

i thoroughly enjoyed the hour or so i spent looking at art.

Thanks Rb,

It's worth noting that 830 (Galeria Arroyo) is an auction house so the collection changes 100% from month to month. There are about five days prior to each auction when it is possible to view the paintings.

Once in a while the girl at the desk doesn't accept the $ for a catalog, but there is a sign that notes the price is $5 pesos. I have paid more often than not.

I suggest anyone who does go to view this month's collection pay some attention the the works by Manuel Claro Bettinelli. The base prices are remarkably low compared to most of the other artworks. Bettinelli died in 2005 and, since his death, his works have been offered more frequently at the better art auctions in BA.

One of the galleries very close to Arroyo has a great collection and decent prices. They also have several "locales" in the galeria across the street (at the corner of Suipacha). But before anyone buys any paintings from any of them, please let me know the name of the artist(s) you like. I may be able to connect you with a "wholesale" dealer who may have works by the same artists for at least 50% less.

Regret that I cannot make the AAA lunch/meeting today, but will certainly see the
galleries late this afternoon. Thank you so much for your information and knowledge.