Argentine Massage Therapist I can RECOMMEND!


Oct 6, 2005
If anyone is looking for a GOOD massage therapist, I have one to recommend. He worked for 2 years at the Spa in Office Park in Pilar, but they have closed and he's looking for work. He's been working on my Achilles Tendonitis for almost a year now and I can truly say that there are very few therapists like this one. I am a marathon runner and need this kind of work on a weekly basis....he's the BEST I've found. He charges $75 pesos for 1 hour 15 and goes to wherever you live, (he's in B.A.) He's trustworthy and very responsable. If you want his contact information you can call him direct or let me know. His name is Miguel Rodrigues,telephone is: 15-50365806
Does he have an office- i'm looking for a good massage therapist for a pretty serious back problem but unless he uses a proper massage table (ie one with a hole for you face so the whole back is aligned) i wouldn't be able to use his services.

Thanks for the info,

Hi, I found a couple of american chiropracters that have an office here. I've heard they're quite good and I plan to try them outLaura
I found a fabulous young woman who does massage, speaks fluent english, works with a real massage table, does tmj work and prenatal massage. I can't recommend her enough. email me if you want her information. Laura at [email protected]
Miguel is still "deliverying" great massages in B.A. on Mondays and I think Tuesdays, if anyone is interested. But you'll have to speak Spanish!
Miguel: 15-5036-5806