Argentine women


Aug 7, 2007
hey there I'm a 25 year old male from the Czech Republic. I've lived in Buenos Aires for 2 years now. The whole process of moving to another country, fitting in, etc can sometimes be an adventure or a real pain in the a** if you know what I mean... I'm trying to adapt to the local culture but some things get really annoying. Like the arrogance of the locals for example... They seem to think that everything Argentine is better. On the other hand, everything foreign is seen as a threat and looked down upon. Foreigners are always the bad guys and deemed responsible for the Argentine crisis. I don't understand where all the bigotry comes from. Yet one thing is certain. Some people need a scaping goat... Anyway I didn't come to this website to talk about the culture. I'm here to ask you guys a question. Here it goes... What do you think about Argentine women? Do you agree that they are the most beautiful in the world? I'd like to know cos I hear people say it all the time. I for one don't think they are that pretty, but hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion.
A friend of mine, who was visiting me from Europe, always imagined Argentine women were so beautiful and that being said, we went out and sat in a cafe to observe. Most of the girls looked identical and all we saw were average people scurrying about. My friend then asked me, "where are the beautiful Argentine women to be found? Does anyone know?"
I think this is such a joke. Northern or Eastern European women are in general prettier. Besides, Argentine women tend to be too complicated. They have a reputation for being hysterical and everyone knows it.
Hello Pavel!Another unsatisfied customer! Join the club! I have no idea where this story about Argentinian women being the most beautiful in the world came from, but it's complete donkey twoddle. You see, we believe everything we're told, as long as it's positive.We are not taught to question the things we are instructed to believe. Take the Malvinas, for example. Tough one. We all know they're ours. Why? Well, they are on our continental platform, which should suffice. But then again, so is Uruguay, and Brazil, and don't get me started on Chile:)) Jokes aside, what I mean is that since the average Argentinian, due to long distances, or reduced circumstances, is not well-travelled, so to speak, we don't get to have a first-hand knowledge of what the rest of the world is like. I had the chance of visiting Stockholm years ago (no, I'm not rich, I used to work for SAS). Serious women in Sweden. Very hospitable ladies, strongly recommended for impressionable male youngsters (as I was at the time). Maybe it's the accent. I then had the honour of dining with Per Gessle & Marie (Roxette) here in Buenos Aires in 1991. Adorable people. I think we Argentinians need to look around a bit more before we define ourselves and our things as "the best". In our defence, I have to say that Brazilians are far worse than we are... everything there is "O mais grande do mundo" (the greatest in the world). Maybe they're right.I would have thought that rather than their appearance, you would have first gotten sick of Argentinian women's attitude. I find them to be rather loud, actually. They annoy me. Then again, that's probably why I'm divorced and have no kids.
Pavel, I'm sorry, but "you got punk'd" Argentinian women are not the most beautiful in the world. I think I have just murdered my sex life for at least the next two years...
Cheer up!Ernie
Ernie is right that a lot of people here have strong opinions on just about evertything without actually having had much experience outside Buenos Aires. Not only have they not experienced the world. but few have seen much of Argentina.
Argentine women may not be the worlds most beautiful but compared to American women they are outstanding. I'm a girl watcher and I noticed that Argentine women keep their weight very well, I saw few overweight women in Argentina or Chile. Whenever I go to Walmart here in the US I noticed that about 70% of all American women ar FAT and they all are munching on some kind of snack. Turn on the television set and half of all commercials are hawlking every concivable weight loss device which eneveably ends up at the thrift store.
Uh yeah but Don maybe you didn't realise that Argentina also has one of the largest proportions of women with eating disorders (do a search on the forum and you'll see it's been discussed a lot).
A lot of the women here keep their weight down by popping diet pills, smoking cigarettes, skipping meals / eating very little, and then going to the gym and making themselves slaves to the cardio machines. Then when they realise that small waists and butts also = small breasts, they go and get fake boobs (although the fake boobs are so much better than in USA -- probably because they go for realistic sizing, not DDDs).
Maybe thin is more visually pleasing, but don't think that it means that they're healthier.
I am with you on this syngirl. Thin, just like morbidly obese, does not equate healthy living. Both extremes have their ill effects. An anorexic also die of heart failure and worst, they do with bad skin and bad teeth.
DonQ, I am not sure why you hand around Walmart to check out girls but if you give it another thought - you rarely see a rich woman that is overweight. Financial status has a direct effect on one's mental (emotional) and physical well-being.
I love my Argentinian female friends and even they say if they were guys they will not marry themselves - and that is saying alot! If a girl is a good person, regardless of size and origin, she is great. If she looks good outside and rotten inside - who would want to be with that kind of drama? The outside stuff you can work on and improve - but when the core is bad - it is bad. Right?
Some girls in the upper class, especially second or third generation immigrants are beautifull but they mostly don´t go out a lot(work, study) and if they do with many friends and/or are taken
Most Argentine woman don´t know how to dress and/or don´t have the money to dress well.
I came to the conclusion that " the most beautiful women in the world" was talking about Argentininean women's bodies because yes they do have very nice figures.They have hourglass shapes which is a desireable feature for women. I like to think of them as runway models, thin bodies and ugly faces not to mention that their attitudes can make even the pretty ones severely ugly.Not to mention that the whole age thing here is wacked..... For instance I'm 18 and some argentine guys told me that normally people my age should be dating 23 year olds and above.... I was shocked. It seems to be true though because I get more attention from that crowd then from the teenage crowd ( from the looks I get). Argentinean women are complicated to say the very, very, least.
I think it's a matter of opinion depending upon your taste. I find that women outside of Buenos Aires are more attractive. However, as I prefer more "latin" and less "european" type of women - i.e. tan skin tone, full lips and a round butt - Argentina is not the ideal country. I do find cordobese women to be more attractive than portenas though. ,I also could understand why white american men would think argentine women are hot, as they are thin white girls with curves, which is rare in the states....