Argentinian drama


Jan 16, 2006
For full story check out:" A scandal involving a Venezuelan businessman who tried to sneak nearly $800,000 into this country has opened a sudden rift between Venezuela and Argentina just a week after the governments signed debt and energy deals.""Though Antonini Wilson had been traveling with employees of Venezuela's national oil company, the Venezuelan government insisted that the cash found on him was a personal matter. "The responsibilities are
personal," said Pedro Carreño, Venezuela's justice minister, in
comments broadcast Monday on Venezuelan radio. "If there exists a
personal object, it is a suitcase."" "In June, fire inspectors making what was said to be a routine check
of the offices of the new economy minister, Felisa Miceli, found
$64,000 in local currency and dollars in her bathroom.
Opposition figures have suggested that the money was either part of a government
slush fund or evidence of illegal enrichment on her part, but Miceli said in a previous interview with The New York Times that she borrowed most of it from a brother for a real estate transaction she hoped to
make." Them Argentinians are so dramatic 800,000 in cash, the man probably only wanted to buy himself a medialuna or something of the sort, pretty understandable after such a long flight if you ask me. And 64,000 in a bathroom, with the inflation and all it was probably an economical decision on her part to use and store them in the bathroom instead of buying expensive toiletpaper.