argentinian going to england


Dont really know which section to put this in.

but i have an argentinian friend that wants to come and visit me in England for a month in the near future.

Just want to know if anyone who has experienced this knows what documents and papers are required

i read that for an argentine native, no visa is required to go to england, but you may have to produce evidence of things like funds for the trip and accomodation or other sorts.

they are planning on staying with me for the month and they dont have too much money, so a bank statement may not show that they have money to accomodate the trip, but i dont know how they can prove this at migrations.

i just dont want them to pay for a flight and get to the airport and be turned around in london!!


Maybe a signed letter of support from you along with a photocopy of your UK ID? Just something saying, "I'm a UK citizen, blah blah, and they will be staying at my house, blah blah, and I will be providing their room and board/living expenses, words words."


Immigration is tightening the rules these days. They will ask them for their return tickets, the reasons of the trip, the money they have to support themselves, sometimes even a letter from their employer from their country.
A letter from you inviting them to stay with you and being responsible for them might help but I know some argentines who were turn down and sent back home the very day of their arrival. I also know some others who produced all the required papers and had no problems whatsoever.
I guess it's luck?