argh... visa overstay experience


Jun 2, 2008
Just a quick warning for people overstaying their tourist visas...

Got a flight home yesterday, my other half had overstayed by 2 days. We thought about doing the migraciones run, but it all seemed excessive given how cheap and easy paying the fine was supposed to be. Wasn't it 50 pesos until recently?

Found out at the airport that the fine was now 300 pesos. We're from the UK, so it wasn't a US specific fine. We had to wait 45 minutes to get to the migraciones office in the airport, 15 minutes getting the forms processed, another 45 minutes queueing in bank to pay the fine, and then following that there were huge queues at passport and security. Just about managed to get everything done in time but it was touch and go for a while. A stressful, expensive and ultimately avoidable experience.

If you are going to overstay and plan on paying the fine when you leave allow yourself a lot of time to get it all sorted.
This reminds me - can anybody confirm that the 90-day extension in migraciones is now 300 pesos instead of 100? I had read a few months back on their website that they had raised it, but did not know if it had really been enforced yet.

I can't confirm that one specifically, as I don't have a visitor visa. But I did another tramite at Migraciones in June for my daughter and the price was higher than the same thing for me last November. The new prices were on a big, new sign posted above the Cajas. That sign listed the 300 pesos price for the extension.
Hi. The fees changed back on April 21st for most transactions at DNM. There were some threads here previously discussing this. The new fee schedule can be found here (PDF, see page 3). There's dual prices on that list, but what applies to us is the higher "extra MERCOSUR" fees (unless you are a MERCOSUR citizen).
Well, it was too good to be true anyway, really you had 2 options: you go to migraciones, wait in line and then pay 100 pesos OR just go home and pay 50 pesos at the airport in less than 10 minutes? It never made any sense!
I renewed my tourist visa at immigrations 2 months ago and it was 300 pesos. Apparently, they increased all the prices 3 months ago. The lady explained that the proroga for the tourist visa went from 100 to 300 pesos, the fine for overstaying the visa went from 50 to 300 pesos and apparently, although I don't have personal experience of this, the temporary one-year work visa, rentista visa etc has gone from 300 pesos renewal fee to 600.
Hi all,

I am going back to UK next week and have overstayed my tourist visa. I am a little confused as what to do at the airp

ort. Do I go to the migraciones office first or do I check in first? I also have to pay TAM for changing my flight. Advice please!
If you have already overstayed your visa it won't do any good to go to migraciones now.

Just go to the airport a couple hours early and be prepared to pay the $300 peso fine.

It is not grave (serious).
On that bureaucratic note - I have a question and would really appreciate advice form someone who has done this. I need to renew my 3 month tourist visa in october, but won't be anywhere near a border then. Could I renew it in september by going to uruguay? Like - even though my old visa will not yet have expired, and will still have another month on it - will they give me another 3 month visa when I re-enter? Or do you have to only re-enter the country once your existing visa expires?