Arriving mid november


Hi everyone,

Just wanted to introduce myself as I will be joining you in Buenos Aires from mid November. I've never been to the city before but think I'll be living somewhere near palermo with a friend from uni. Anybody got any tips on how easy/hard it is to find work?





Is there anything you can do long distance wise and get paid by paypal or bank transfer (or have someone from home cash checks for you?). This may be the best bet.
This can suplement any income you make here.
BTW, there is money to be made in Argentina, but entry level jobs aren´t it.

Mikael Worku

Hi Tom!
I will be doing the same! I am to arrive November 8th and have never been in BA before but looking very much forward to go there...


The Buenos Aires Job market is actually very good with hundreds of employment opportunities listed on job sites but it is also an overcrowded city with a lot of other candidates you will have to fight with for a job. There are some limited jobs that are of the books out there but they really don't pay well. The locals tend to hire other locals before giving the job to a foreigner, regardless of your education and experience. where are you coming from? If it's the U.S. Then your options to get a work visa can be complicated. I been here over a year and got my residency in may and after months of searching I just got my first full time job recently. Anyways it's a great city to live in and hope you can find work faster than it took me to find.