Arriving on 30 March from London


Jan 5, 2010
Hi Everyone!

I will be in Buenos Aires at the end of March and was wondering if anyone from UK has experience with using currency cards in Argentina. I am aware of the ATM charges of £2 there with restrictions on the amount one can withdraw each time. I got a Santander zero credit card- doubt credit cards are of much use in Bs As?, one £ and another USD currency card from Fairfx, another currency card from Caxton - both currency cards have master card symbol on them, and about to recieve a Flex Account debit card from Nationwide - I believe this one doesn't incur any ATM or other fees there except the 1% of the withdrawal amount?

And still looking for a temporary place to live : ) All a bit stressful but looks like the place is still much cheaper than London, despite years of inflation and relatively weaker sterling now.
If it is not too late try an HSBC account, they charge me nothing for withdrawls on my debit card.
Thanks Howard.

Hi tangobob, I have a HSBC account but not a premier customer, and have a visa debit card with them. I thought it had a 2.75% fee and bad exchange rates, when I used abroad before. You may be a premier customer?
I was under the same impression. Where did you open your HSBC account, TangoBob, and when?
anatolie said:
and about to receieve a Flex Account debit card from Nationwide - I believe this one doesn't incur any ATM or other fees there except the 1% of the withdrawal amount?

I have been using my Nationwide Visa Debit card (it may be the flex account??) for the last 3 years, It works fine and only the 1% fee.
Hi jez, yes it is the flex account... apparently it is the best card to use abroad, followed by those currency cards I believe - quite good exchange rates.
and Santander Zero is the best credit card, 0% and decent exchange rates, but Abbey - Santander sent me the wrong type of credit card yesterday!! Hate the banks, especially Abbey.
Hi Anatolie - also moved over recently from the UK . The Santander credit card is a decent deal but just pray you never have to deal with their service line from over here. Had mine pinched a couple of days ago and it's been nightmare. They managed to mess up processing my change of address (despite going into a branch before I left to sort out) so - for security reasons - can only send a new card to an old address where I don't live any more. How is that secure??

I've also given up trying to set up online banking with them (still waiting for them to send my password after two months) and they seem to have lost a sum of money between a credit account and an old abbey savings account - not showing in either after a transfer, but that's another story.

Sorry, don't normally rant but they are truly rubbish.
Good luck with the move though – it’ll be worth it. Found these web links helpful:
Craigs list is a good bet for finding a place when your actually over here. Better get back to flat hunting myself as I’m homeless in a week.
I've got HSBC visa debit cards which I can use in most ATMs no problems (I think Banco Provincia was the only exception). I think I get charged a small fee - the main issue is the withdrawal limits in place in Argentina now. Last time I attempted to take money out of the ATM, I was given a 300 peso limit per transaction which obviously makes relying on a British bank account to pay rent etc difficult. Apparently, if you go into the head office bank (can't remember the official name for this) which are usually located in the "microcentre" the rules are different and you can withdraw more (and also withdraw money in us$ I think). I can imagine that this might get a bit annoying though depending on where you live.

Craigslist is fairly good for apartments - Not sure you're going to be experiencing the major price differences that there used. I've just come back to the UK for a month and the gap is closing more and more each year...
Yes you are all right I do have a premier account.
Not withstanding I have always found their exchange rates good.
Dunno maybe it's the time of day or the way you hold your mouth.