Art supplies?


Sep 13, 2009
Does anyone know a good and relatively cheap art supply store in the city, preferrably somewhere in Palermo or the Center? Specifically I am looking for card stock, spray photo adhesive, and gel pens.

It would also be great to know where to get pictures printed for cheap but good quality (anyone know if its possible to get fuji archival paper?)

If I can get these supplies, then I hope to start selling some BA photo gift cards. I've had the worst time finding good postcards and cards here, so I'd like to make them available to everyone.

'Laidi's' is the more popular art supply store (I'm told) and is located on Libertad between Viamonte and Cordoba.

There is a good place on Levalle and Medrano, try to avoid times when school is out as it is very popular with school kids.
I really like a place in Once called Feylo. They are on Azcuenaga 35. They have a ton of various crafting supplies, and the staff is very helpful. Everything is cheaper in Once = )

Have you seen this thread?
There is a place on Santa Fe in Palermo, Tedesma, very big, lots of stuff, Jimmy shops there and gets everything he needs...
Wanted to let everyone know I found this great paper store in Palermo, very similar to "Paper Source" in the US - its called I think they even have art workshops.

Now I'm wondering where I can find a good place to print photos in Palermo. Quality prints!

And also if anyone knows if there is anywhere to make your OWN postcards? Maybe a place where they make business cards?