asado anyone?


Oct 21, 2009
shall we arrange to meet up in a Parilla?,book the table well in advance and eat,drink and be merry.I am thinking about the 2nd week in April...let me know if you are up for it so we have an idea how many of us there will be,last night 12 confirmed and we were 22,so I need to know.will set a date next week,enjoy your weekend everone ,regards Howard:):):)
Hi Everyone,

Do you get together every month? I am returning with my husband for the third year for a month the beginning of May until beginning of June. My husband has relatives in Buenos Aires.

We would love to get together with everyone sometime mid to end of May if anyone is interested? Would love to meet some expats since we are contemplating a permanent move within the next two years.

Thanks bunches.
keep viewing and you,ll see the meet up threads as we go along,,,,look forward to meeting you both,regards Howard

Thank you for the response. We look forward to meeting you and perhaps others when we return to BA..... I shall, hopefully, get updates on your meeting/s in May. It is so great that you have taken this upon yourself to do.
Where are you at the moment?and do you know where you will be staying here in ba?
Dear Howard,

We live in New Hampshire (ugh) and us formely MA. and will be staying in Belgrano at the same apartment we rented last year (Av. Congresso y Av. Cabildo) near Fame (there is an English speaking meetup there on Fidays).

My husband speaks fluently (lucky me :)
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