ATM for dollars


Jul 15, 2007
Anyone know of any atms in microcentro that give out dollars? Whats the max?

HI, I have tried getting USD from ATMS here but to no avail. If you have any success please share the info.Good luck!
I believe that you can only withdraw dollars if your card issuer is Argentine based.
you have to have dollar-account with a local bank to get US dollars out. Otherwise, it is buy and sell transaction and most local banks do not do that.
After 2001, there are no dollar's account, so you can get only pesos argentinos
depend on the availability of ATM. - I strongly reomend to go in the morning when ATM have money, if you go at night or on weekend you may get only 100 pesos by each withdraw.
Tomokar if dollar accounts were discontinued back in 2001 then why did a bank offer to open one up for me in 2006?
Tomokoar, please recheck you info. Dollar accounts are needed when making a money transfer from US to Argentina. I just opened a new one a few months ago, for business purposes. Not sure what bank institution you are referring but mine was more than happy to see me deposit u$s each time, and when I need u$s they give me the same but it has to be an inside the bank transaction,never at an ATM.
I can only send money in US$ not £sterling, but they will not allow me to withdraw dollars unless I change it to pesos first.
I have tried three different banks and they are all the same.
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