ATM withdraw limits


Apr 21, 2007
Hi Everyone,

I used to use link and select visa plus to withdraw money for the past month with no problems. I used to be able to withdraw 1000 pesos. Now starting this weekend I am only able to withdraw 300 pesos at a time. Hence if I need more than 300 I have to pay the huge atm fees. Has anyone else noticed this?


This was the subject of another thread, so look for that. I've run into the withdrawl limit as well, mainly at Link and Redbank ATM's. My solution was to just walk around to all the banks in my area and try to take out 1000 pesos. If it doesn't go through, I try somewhere else.
On a sidenote, I asked the Royal Bank in Canada about the $5 fee attached to each withdrawl and if I can get a lower price on this. They said no since it's actually charged by the banks in Argentina through them. 15 pesos per 300 peso transaction. I really do need to get into the banking business.
I still urge everyone to ask for the fee waiver. I know most people in this forum have not had success, but I´m not sure why. I guess I got lucky, but I really urge everyone to call customer service at their bank and at least ask for it.
Im confused about this thread. i thought previously, we discovered that Banelco 1. put a per day limit on withdrawals and 2. was charging a per transaction fee. There didnt seem to be any public notification of the Banelco change and people were freaking out all over the city. it started on the day i needed to pay my rent and i could only get 100 pesos at a time. i lost 3 days on that matter.
people posted that banco de nacion, for example, had link and they selected Cirrus and could get 1000 pesos with no fee. Well, thats what i started doing. i go to Link banks. i havent noticed a problem with fees. ill recheck my statements, but it shows up about 2.96 or so. i dont get 3.05, but i dont think ive ever gotten the official exchange rate.
so, if you guys are saying that Link is also charging a fee (you said 5 dollars or 15 pesos), i havent noticed it. I have 2 visa cards from usa banks.
has there been a change of Link policy? Has anyone called Link and found out details. i believe last time, people contacted Banelco and got the details.
"Granadaiscool" said:
Or open a European account
I have a UK bank account and am unable to draw more than $P300 at atime but there apears to be no daily limit, I can go back as often as I want.
I have a Dutch account and I can pick up 1000 and another 900 peso. Then I have to wait untill 24.00h Dutch time and I can pick up another 1900 peso.
With my CC I can pick up around another 3000
With ATM withdrawals so high and unreliable. Arriving with a large sum of cash to cover expenses is an option. I understand that I can arrive with $10,00 US cash. Is there a way to store that amount of cash safely? Is it advisable?
Saludos, Carl
What I posted about is a change with the Link system. They have always charged me a fee, but I could take out 1000 pesos each time. Now I can only take out 300 pesos at a time. So now I get charged 5 dollars for every 300 as opposed to 5 dollars fro 1000.
This just changed on me this past weekend. I was wondering if anyone else who has an ameican account has noticed the same thing.