Attention For The People That Trade In Blue Dollars


Jul 27, 2006
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Yes, and this is the result:

"Leonardo lights four candles and leaves them standing on the floor. Then he empties a bottle of water onto the sidewalk and prays. It is in one of the gates of the Chacarita cemetery. "Lord, I beg you so that the police and my enemies can not see or touch me; Not to have to hurt any of my victims, and that they can generate in a little time double the money we take away. "

The ritual is always night. Leonardo has repeated it in public cemeteries of all the countries to which he traveled to steal. It is a custom of "The Internationals", as it is called the Colombian robbers who assault the world, like him. Before leaving, he prays for his motorcycle. He asks God "not to fail during the work and to return home safe and sound". He always leaves her stationed 200 or 300 meters from the cemetery because the place, he says, can transmit bad energy.

The next morning he will get on his bike, like every day. The sign of the cross will be made before starting it. He will speak to her and caress her: "Come on, mate; Help me". And then, yes: it will put first and it will go to rob briefcases to the Buenosairean center.

Leonardo narrates it in the present but the scene is of the past. He has been detained for more than a year in a prison that depends on the Federal Penitentiary Service, where he receives Clarín. The modality that brought him to this place is "The bombazo", the same that used three of his compatriots and an Argentine on June 22, in Retiro. The only thing different was the end: two Colombians died after the victim of the robbery, who had been removed from a briefcase with 40,000 pesos after breaking one of the windows of his car, assaulted the motorcycle in which they escaped. When they fell, they were hit by a van.

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The case was the most visible, because of the location and media coverage, but not the first one in which Colombian thieves died while escaping a robbery. In November of 2015, for example, Edwin Fernando Ortiz Ochoa (29) broke the glass of a van that had been marked in the microcentro and was assassinated by the custodian of the man who was driving. It occurred in Carranza 2235, Palermo. In April 2014 the deceased was identified as Juan Escobar Pedraza. He fell in Yerbal and Calderón of the boat, Villa Luro. He had received a shot after breaking the glass of the car of a businessman who minutes before had left a financial. There were also other episodes that ended with bullet-wounded thieves.

In recent years, many Colombian thieves specializing in saliderines have landed in Buenos Aires

Leonardo remembers his times in the street while eating croissants as if he were an Argentine. He says that when he regains his freedom he would like to travel to rob Australia. He is sitting a few meters from a bathroom to which the prisoners take turns to enter and leave with their women visits. Just a little girl, noticing that there are no penitentiaries in sight, took a selfie with a cell phone. There are also children. One, five or six, seems to be more aware of his spinner than his father.

Leonardo observes everything without ceasing to comment: he says that in Colombia the bands of bankers are called "band of bands" and that in recent years many of the most successful landed in Buenos Aires and settled. From the beginning they were surprised by the amount of money in black that moves in the center of Buenos Aires, and that "any gil", as they say, comes out of a "cave" or a financier with a fortune. With the stolen boots they invest in Colombia and buy properties and shops. "Also here the police are re corrupt and do not need to use weapons to steal. In Colombia, because it is more common for the victim to resist, "he concludes. That is why, he asserts, there were more than 40 bands of Colombians dedicating themselves to the same, with the Obelisk of witness.

The victims of the "fleteros" are not marked in the banks. There is always someone looking at them on entering and leaving. In financial and "caves", the same. According to "la pint", will follow or will wait for someone who convinces them to do so. The "marker" is the only one located in the downtown area. When deciding for a victim calls his accomplices, who wait in the vicinity, and gives the characteristics of the car to follow.

According to the jargon of the "fleteros", the victim is told "el gil"; To those who drive the motorcycles, "drivers". "Buyers" is the definition for those who break glass and steal the briefcase or backpack. In addition, they baptize the areas where some compatriot dies during an assault and each avenue has a name. Corrientes, for example, is "Popes."

The crystals of the cars are broken with a certain blow. They usually use a glass-sharp pencil that they buy in trustworthy hardware stores, and that in the jargon denominates "tutiavidrio". The explosion baptizes the modality: "The bombazo". Each team of "freighters" has a car that supports motorcycles.

At first the Colombians gave up adding Argentine thieves. They believed that they would have no problem in giving information to the police in exchange for a benefit and sought to prevent copying. In the last months they changed their opinion and added them as drivers. They are recruited in prisons or in villages. Leonardo says that they did it when tired of the civil policemen of the center, who demanded money to let them follow whenever they saw them in a car. "We look for the silver in the briefcases and they, in us. That they are corrupt does not bother us. It bothers us that they do not have codes and ask us for money every day, without letting us recover what we gave them the day before, "he clarifies.

Every Monday they release a cell phone with a new chip

The victim can be followed to the Conurbano if necessary. The briefcases are always kept in a central office or office. They stop at one and look for victims again. The daily average is three steals. At the end of the day the band rejoins. They put salsa and open some beers to relax. They count the money and divide it in equal parts. The entire team debuts cell phones and new chips every Monday morning. The next Friday they are tossed, to mislead the police. It is law: it is forbidden to give or sell them.

It's the last minutes of the visit and Leonardo laughs when he points out the Argentine prisoners who are here for stealing motorbikes. He says he does not understand them: what better to steal money and with that booty to buy a legal bike, as he and his companions. The motorcycles used in the robberies are from official agencies, and the papers are issued by Argentineans who receive two hundred dollars in return. Nor does he say he understands those who are fighting in jail, and they have bad behavior: "We like to be the mafia outside, because the money is in the street, not inside the prison," he says. And he concludes: "Internationals are not the worst of the underworld: we do not steal grandmothers' retirement and we do not kill our victims to assault them. We did not even hurt them. We're just going for the big silver. "