Attn: Expats. Is your, or a friend's, company looking for free labor?


Jan 17, 2010

I've already introduced myself briefly in the newcomers forum, but I'll do so again here. My name is Philip, I've been here in Buenos Aires for about 3 months studying Spanish. I'm headed back to school in the (northern) fall but I'll be here in the city through the (southern) winter at least. I love it down here; and although I'm enjoying just relaxing and studying Spanish, after working 60+ hours a week back home, I'm starting to itch to get back to work.

Here is the thing, I've certainly noticed how competition for decent jobs down here is quite fierce. But, I've budgeted enough for my stay down here that I do not actually NEED to work while I'm here. As such, I've decided that what I'd like to find is a really awesome internship. Ideally I'd be looking for an internship at a business or a law firm that works with either international finance or M&A as those are the fields that hold the most interest for me. However I'd be willing to consider a position in any sort of business that would grant me an interesting and educational experience.

As far as good deals go, this one is a steal!

What I would get would be an educational experience of a lifetime complete with an awesome letter of recommendation at the end (conditional on my awesome performance of course).

What you would get is an intelligent, reliable and easy to get along with intern, for FREE!!! I have excellent spoken and written English. And, although I would never consider it sufficient to conduct business, my Spanish is certainly passable for a work environment. I have experience in sales and can cultivate and maintain good relationships with clients. I'm also a strong closer, and can provide references. In addition, and I recognize the importance of this in an intern, I'm quite good at fetching coffee/empanadas, taking notes, making appointments, doing research, etc...

I would be available to commit to a 2 month internship and would ideally like to extend that to 6 months based on how it works out over the first two months. If I do commit, you can be sure that, barring my sudden death by colectivo, I will be available at the agreed time every day for that 2 month period.

This is an incredible deal for talented but free labor. If you are interested please don't hesitate to send me a private message here on the forums or an email to [email protected]. If you know anybody who might be interested I would really appreciate it if you would pass this on to them.


Philip, did you get any interesting offers? How did the post work for you? I am asking because i was considering the same thing, planning a 3 months stay in BA in a couple of months. Thanks.