Available Positions Teaching English - Native Speakers Wanted


Available Positions Teaching English

  • Speak native English?
  • Planning on staying in Buenos Aires for several months (3+ months)?
  • Simply need some extra cash on the side?
  • Want to work part-time a few days out of the week?
  • Feel comfortable speaking with professionals, in public places, etc.?
  • Students concentrated in the Retiro & Congreso areas.
  • 23-25 pesos per hour + incentives.
  • Begin early January.
If you answered yes to these questions, please send your CV with Photo to:




I’m reading through these forum pages trying to get a little bit if an insight into living and working in Argentina. I’m looking to do the TEFL English course in January, then travel to Argentina around spring of 2010. I was considering BA to teach but also maybe Mendoza, as the pace of life is a little more laid back. Would you be able to offer advise on my proposed plans? I have a Masters degree in engineering from a UK university.