BA Expat member dies on Aconcagua


May 24, 2009
Not sure if people are aware about this -

When I was preparing to come to Argentina, I posted about living out in Avellaneda, outside of the usual ex-pat hangouts. I only received one reply from a fellow native english speaker, Mike1, and he suggested getting together for a drink/coffee/dinner upon my arrival.

I pm'd him last week, telling him I was here and settling in, and how about that drink. Yesterday I received a mail from his girlfriend, telling me that he had tragically been killed on Aconcagua on a third descent of the mountain along the Polish Glacier.

Here is a link

I never got to meet Mike, but I am saddened to hear of his death, and pass my condolences on to his friends and family.
I never met Mike but did have frequent conversations with him over this forum.
He was always helpful and courtious, and I now deeply regret we never met, this forum will be all the poorer without him.
Hi This is Mike´s ex GF, I sent an e mail to Liam as I knew Mike was going to meet him sometime. We are terribly (me and family) sad because of Mike´s death in Aconcagua and I am terribly upset about what the news wrote about his death , most of the newspapers lied about his death or the conditions he got to it. Today I received and e mail from the last climber who was with him at the summit. He is asking for investigation and I also think it should be investigated. I would like you to help me to spread out the letter of the climber who was with him because as Argentinian I know there are failures everywhere in this country and we have to put an end to it. I am Argentinian myself but I had a relationship with Michael for over 9 (nine) years. According to the newspapers , there were bad weather conditions in the summit and they were not able to rescue Mike, according to this climber and me, there are many things which are strange about his death. Draw your own conclusions after reading the letter the last person who was with mike sent me. He also sent me the picture which was taken with Michael´s camera. Mike and me dedicated to photography so I know pretty well all his cameras. I do not know what to think , just read the letter and draw your own conclusions.
Coming from the Alps, i know too well the toll adventurous minds are paying for their need to live their life intensively.He died young and daring and will be remembered as such. He will stay with you, be it in your memories and who knows take care of you from that other summit we will all reach sooner or later.All my empathy to his family and friends.Un abrazo.Philippe
Our deepest simpathy and sorrows for you and Mike's loved ones.
I remember reading his posts about the upcoming climb - what a sad outcome. Condolences to his family.:(
Marie, I'm so very sorry for your lose. My condolences to you, his family & friends.
Wishing you, his family and friends peace through this most difficult of times....may the memories of your years with Mike fill your heart and bring a smile to your face and warm your heart when you need it most.
Thanks a lot to everybody , for sure Mike will be always in my heart and I now that wherever he is , he will be with me all the time.